Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification Guidelines

We at take matters of Intellectual Property very seriously and are committed to meeting the needs of content owners. It should be noted that SoloveyTV ( is a simple media player system of entertainment related content available at a wide variety of third party websites. Any videos shown on third party websites are the responsibility of those sites and not SoloveyTV. We have no knowledge of whether content shown on third party websites is or is not authorized by the content owner as that is a matter between the host site and the content owner. SoloveyTV does not host any content on its servers or network. SoloveyTV also makes the removal of any links potentially violating copyright easy for Content Owners, by providing an email to have any link removed/blocked from SoloveyTV’s database. Users and sites that are repeat offenders will be blocked, banned, or have privileges revoked. Content owners must understand that by having a link removed from SoloveyTV they will not be removing the actual source video or image from the 3rd party site. Please remember, by choosing to not file a DMCA takedown request with the host site, you are choosing to not have the content removed from the internet and only from Content owners must also understand that SoloveyTV is just a cloud based video player service, which is built by simply playing the media links that can be found anywhere on the web or third party websites. We at SoloveyTV do not have control over what media links are being shared with the community, however, we are ready to remove all links that were reported by copyright owners. The DMCA links removal system will only remove the same 3rd party media source that was reported by content owners, however, if a different source of 3rd party media is submitted by a user, it will not be detected by the system. The DMCA system is only designed to remove the 3rd party links or sources that were reported by content owners. Whenever a content owner submits a DMCA removal for a specific 3rd party media source, the media source will be added to our media blacklist database, which is used by our DMCA automated links removal system. Please do not send a DMCA email asking for entire channels, categories or shows to be removed. We only accept requests for an actual link to be removed, as we do not host the content. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Please feel free to send us an email at and we will have the content removed within 24 hours of notice.
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